Preface for “Another ghostish story…”

It was a twist of a Buddhist story, I heard long time ago. The original one is rather simple, and ended when the monk revealed that the lady was the dead body, who came back for searching the one, to repay him with her love. Explain why we had what we had and eventually we will find the one.

A odd reunion, for me.

But the story supposed to ask who indulged themselves in unsuccessful relationships to let go, to take easy every time when we failed. Giving hopes as the fascinating destiny or fate will do.

Are we intelligence enough to see through this, to accept this? The fate that fail us. The chance that slip through our fingers.

It is like chasing ghosts. Or we are just trying to lie at ourselves for a little comfort?


Another ghostish story…

Not a ghost story if you are looking for thrill of excitement. I am sorry.

Here it is…

Sobbing lady turned herself to a monk asking for answer, answer of why every of her relationships fell apart, or simply ended before anything started.

“Take a look at the mirror.” monk said calmly, gently, “what do you see?”

“A beach, with a naked body, all pale and lifeless.” She said.

Minutes passed, monk asked, “now, what do you see?”

“People passed by, some clearly had seen no body, some saw it went away with fear and swallow, and then couple of people stopped in front of the body, grieved. Longer than the others.”

“Anything more?”

“What is he doing?”

“What did you see?”

“A man stayed, grieved with his prayer, sorry for the unfortunate. And covered the body with his clothes.”


“He left. Shaking his head… ”

“Is that it? Anything else?”

She stared at the mirror, fascinated, waiting for somthing happen.

Minutes passed by, she started to feel anxious. “That’s it?! Nothing? She is all vulnerable, all alone, poor soul…”, she sobbed, try to turn her head way and caught a flash at the corner of her eye, a shadow, another man, grieving her soul.

She turned her focus back to the mirror.

He opened his arms, wrapped her tightly, embraced the body with his chanting, then he picked her to a proper ground.

“Is he going to bury her?”

“See…” monk said it firmly.

He dug her a grave, gently placed her in the centre, surrounded her with fresh flowers. Buried her and gave her a head stone with a name.

“You’re home”, the man said with warm smile on his face, “sleep tight”

The image faded, woman looks lost, ”
Why did you show me this?”

“It was you, your previous lives.” continue his calm.

“What? Lives?”

“You were one of those men. And you were once the poor dead body.”

She looked even more lost.

“You once igored the poor body, like you have ignored the poor guy who pursued you. Once you passed by the body, like a glance to the interesting souls passed by. The previous one, he gave you the short happiness and the warmth you yearn for. You thought he was the one, the one to end your miserables. Unfortunately, he left. Just like the man who gave you a cover but nothing more.”

She cried with all her strength, “I thought he is my last…” said repeatedly.

“No, child, your story doesn’t end here. Don’t let your tears clouded your sight. Open your eyes. Someone is coming. Just like there is a poor soul waiting and searching for you. You’ll find each other.”

“What if there is no next one? What if he is lost? What if the next is not the one? What if I am not his one? What if I had my chance? What if … ” she panic, more than ever.

“Woman, wake up from your endless mess!” he commanded.

She woke up from her lonely bed, walked to her mirror, lost in her tears…


how much eyes can say…

this’s the first time, i saw confusion, frustration and somewhat disappointment from someone’s eyes.  the very same eyes once told joy, warmth, little excitement and curiosity…

now, i see tired and hollow in mines.

i have myself to blame.

Goodbye Tinder…


I opened a Tinder account 6 days ago, because I am boring.  I tried to use it for 2 days, wanted to find out if it’s getting me anywhere or amuse me at least.

after swipe, swipe, swipe for few hours a day, I found couple of guys attractive but I confirmed that I honestly hate the very idea of online shopping for a human being.

Yes, it’s online shopping, even though I wasn’t using the paid services, I can’t swipe the feeling away. It kept me thinking of how can people do this? It took me sometime to study the details of asos before I order a dress, for it’s measurement, materials, the cut, the color… etc.  But in Tinder, or other dating apps, provided minimal information of a person. You can pay for more, but isn’t it a sort of shopping?

Also, I found it very addictive to swipe for cute people.  I timed myself once, I swiped for 2 hours in Sunday after dinner. I wanted to do it during the dinner, I have to compress the feeling because I don’t want to build another addiction and piss off my family.

Other problem is, I do not trust people that I do not know in person, literally! I rarely trust new acquaintance, none to say a stranger from the app.

Thinking of these, I gave it up in day 4.

so bye bye Tinder and cute guys…

bb tinder

Bye bye Tinder…


I am on Tinder now. why?! boring, it seems a good idea, or at least a new way for meeting new friends.

I played about 15mins and i found…

the app is easy to use, even easier than meetup or instagram. it took me less than a mins to setup the account and post photos through fb and ig.

it is convenience but i cannot do much for editing in the profile info because of its simplicity. especially, on the “interests” section. it hooked to all pages i “liked” in fb.  however, there are many reason one to like a page, such as doing it for work, friendly gesture to a friend’s page, showing support to a client, etc… means such list of page cannot reveal the true like of a person. in my case, i will say it only show 50% of what i really interested.


screen cap fr BuzzFeedYellow youtube channel, pls click the picture to watch video

Saw Buzzfeed video about people try to use Tinder for the first time and most deleted it right after the video because it feels like people shopping.  I do feel this way. for ig, which is (can be…) the subtle way to showcase your life (the life you want people to see) instead yourself. users can appreciate the photos / video of others by heart them or following them without knowing their face.  still it is a showcase not in a direct way. Tinder, on the other hand, is more dating-oriented. people posting picture / the best feature to impress others in between swipes.  you can put, super like(?!), like and nope purely by the profile picture.

hey, you can read about the guy’s profile.

Honestly, how many people will read the profile if you didn’t find their picture appealing?! and how much you can learn about a person within 500 characters profile?! so we will just swipe till we found some for occasionally heart them and see how it goes.

I never realized there are that many of foreigners living in HK, to be exact, within a miles away from me!  over 70% profiles shown are foreign guys, less than 30% are chinese / hongkongers. it is opposite on the street!

why?! hk people don’t needs this app assistance? I know friends meet and even married their online date through fb, WeChat, ICQ (so old school…), LGBT apps and online game chatrooms!  why tinder seems less common? or it is more acceptable for foreigners? it seems popular in US and Europe, I watched videos taught people how to use tinder in US, Australia and Finland and more.. or is it because they are living in the foreign city ?!

Other thing interested me is the guys look…

For the guys before 35, foreigners look 5-10 years mature than their real age (if that’s real!), while chinese looks 5 years younger.  most of the guys i interested whom i thought is in my age are actually below 30 (shame…>.<). is it really the genetic different or life experience different?! If you stay home you look like a kid and if you work aboard you tend to be mature?!

for those who are after 40, chinese or not, they tend to look close to their age.

So far, my account has been activated for around 2 hours, i only liked 3 guys and found 1 match with no chat. the app is easy to use, but finding a match is not that easy…lol

are you using it? or other apps? can you tell me about your experience? is there any tricks?!




After the Taiwan Presidential Election

Taiwan Presidential Election held yesterday (Jan 16, 2016) it made some histories for taiwanese elected their first female president, Dr Tsai Ing Wen (蔡英文) who is also first female people elected leader in Chinese countries. Yes, Taiwan offical name is Republic of People, i.e. a independent country! China (PRC, People Republic of China), is another one.

As a Hongkonger, I envy n happy for taiwanese because they have the right to choose and they practice this right.

Today I saw a post in fb from Paper Shau Kei, a hongkong local community media page, which tells perfectly how we feel n why we sorrow.


It literally said:

Taiwanese: we voted today, and we will know the result tonight.

China People: that’s nothing! We voted today, but we knew the result yesterday!!

Hongkonger’s think: so what?! We never got to vote, but we knew the result long time ago!

Notes from CGar:
Yes, China people can vote in the annual meeting of Central Government, but they can vote for whatever the Communist Party or it’s leader wants them to vote.

In HK, ironically, we do not get to elect our Chief Executive. It is chosen by the PRC Central Government n elected by a election committee, which as only 1,200 members, whom also appointed by the Central Government!

Ridiculous?! U will be numb if u really live in Hong Kong nowadays!

Dick swtich, seriously?!

Saw the Dick switch for birth control, video shared from 9Gag TV…

This conversation pop-out instantly:

Hey, slow down baby, switch it off first!
Not the light, silly, ur Dick!
U’ve not installed that?!
Call me when u got one…

I wonder if it can be switched back on during the action? And, will it turn off the guy as well?! It sounds like a prank. If that’s real, it’s a torture …