After the Taiwan Presidential Election

Taiwan Presidential Election held yesterday (Jan 16, 2016) it made some histories for taiwanese elected their first female president, Dr Tsai Ing Wen (蔡英文) who is also first female people elected leader in Chinese countries. Yes, Taiwan offical name is Republic of People, i.e. a independent country! China (PRC, People Republic of China), is another one.

As a Hongkonger, I envy n happy for taiwanese because they have the right to choose and they practice this right.

Today I saw a post in fb from Paper Shau Kei, a hongkong local community media page, which tells perfectly how we feel n why we sorrow.


It literally said:

Taiwanese: we voted today, and we will know the result tonight.

China People: that’s nothing! We voted today, but we knew the result yesterday!!

Hongkonger’s think: so what?! We never got to vote, but we knew the result long time ago!

Notes from CGar:
Yes, China people can vote in the annual meeting of Central Government, but they can vote for whatever the Communist Party or it’s leader wants them to vote.

In HK, ironically, we do not get to elect our Chief Executive. It is chosen by the PRC Central Government n elected by a election committee, which as only 1,200 members, whom also appointed by the Central Government!

Ridiculous?! U will be numb if u really live in Hong Kong nowadays!


Bill of Internet Article 23 Follow Up

The LegCo debate on the new copyright law (“Internet Article 23) has been delayed due to less than half members shows up for the debate and vote. Legally, there must be at least 35 no. of Legislation Council Member to attend the meeting for the debate and vote to pass / deny the bill.

The debate will postpone to next Wednesday meeting, the anti-Internet Article 23 citizens may reschedule to circle up the government headquarter, where the LegCo meeting to be held, to protest and to support the pro-demo LegCo member to veto this bully law.

Updated news in here:

my previous post on the subject :

Say NO to Internet Article 23!

I am a internet surfer and FB addict.  People like me in HK enjoy (still) the freedom of receiving information from all over the world through our media channels, mainly through  the internet.

However, the government tried to tighten our right of using the information, re-create, sharing information / forwarding information of our own and others’ creation to express ourselves with the new copyright bill, which we named the “Internet Article 23”.  The detail bill is vague (yet again!) like other recently passed bill of HK Government.  This is reckless, unreasonable and disrespectful to our right.

To pass this bill is the big step for restrict our freedom, dragging us down to the PRC’s level.  I don’t understand why our government / Central government instead of keeping us as the window / bridge to connect to the rest of the world, but drag us backwards.  What good to them when HK dies?

Today, the LegCo will discuss the bill and hopefully our Honorable law makers will stand for our very best!

Discussion will be started this afternoon (Dec 9, 2015) HKT.  You can watch live in here (if you understand Cantonese / sign language), English subtitled video recording will be published in LegCo Youtube Channel, usually within a week:


LegCo Youtube Channel:

More news and background info can be found in Hong Kong Free Press article : 

HK news media goes independent!

in the recent decade, HK press shifted rapidly from printed media to online media, thanks to Apply Daily’s online video channels.  It changed a lot on how we receive the news.  From reading traditional newspaper to online news for free, then watching instant news animation and custom-made footage like a TV series.

On top of that, political chaos gives it a big push, almost forced HK press goes independent.  Recent years, traditional media appeared to take side.  Sadly, they take the authority side or worst the RED side.  They are no longer reporting the news in a professional neutral perspective but becoming to act like a government official service announcement.  Ever since the Umbrella Movement this goes even worst, they started to attack and criticise pro-democracy parties / citizens.  Creating scandal and revealing “black materials” of those go against CY Leung’s government.  Society has been split greatly.  No respect to the opponent, they only aimed to crash them by all means necessary.

On the other hand, Facebook, google+, Twitter, Instagram, free blog sites like or wordpress … etc, social media, provided a low / no cost platform for the passionate journalists or concern citizens to voice out.  HK Free Press, FactWire (事實傳真通訊社), HK Dash (破折號), SocREC, Passion Times (熱血時報),  … etc, almost all of them started as a facebook page, linked to other network with a free blog as the main site; then fund rising with some among from the public.

They take no advertisement and avoid financial support from single investor, to keep themselves independent.  Without / low financial pressure they can report whatever they think the people needs to know.

Smartphone or mobile gadgets, like GoPro, made us all public reporters.  Isn’t it? The most important thing in occupy period is battery charging stations.  Let’s count how many communication gadgets you have with you daily: Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, action camera, laptop and digital camera which can link to the social media.  Do you know how many networks covering in HK? HK is a small place but has at least 8 mobile network companies providing service 24/7.  Although, data plan is limited from 1G to 6G, even with limited free WiFi service, it’s enough for you to tell the world instantly what’s going on in the dark corner of the city.

We yearn for change, yearn for democracy, yearn for justice, yearn for uniqueness… we have the means and cause, let’s hope these independent press hold firmly on their believes and grow stronger in the future.

image copied from FactWire Facebook Page

image copied from FactWire Facebook Page


image copied from FactWire Facebook Page

PS. FactWire to be launch later this year, and fund rising in FringeBacker, visit to understand and support their work.

Our Breast are NO WEAPON!

HK becomes very strange to Hongkongers.  I have mentioned in my earlier post, a female protester has been charged and convicted assaulted a police officer with her breast, sentenced 3 months and 15 days in jail.  The reason is she intensionally push her breast towards the officer’s arm and yelled insult to frame the police officer and causing chaos during the confrontation with the police.  Police got hurt because of those tried helping the lady by pushing and/or throwing things to the police. not directly being injured by her breast.

the argument is, why not accuse her with other charge, like “Resisting or obstructing a public officer or other person lawfully engaged in a public duty”. (HK Law – Chapter 228 Section 23) ? It is more appropriate and reasonable, right? Besides, from the video footage that day, the lady got serious injured by being held down on the floor by police, why is there no one charge the police by using unnecessary force against an unarmed protester?

oops… having a pair boobs is now considered armed in HK.  Do we need to get the licence for carrying them around, officer?!



to oppose this ridiculous case against women bodies, artist Gloria Yip started a photo campaign in fb as “Oppose identified female’s breast as weapon #反對女性胸部被視為攻擊性武器” . Encourage people to post their own photos of their breast to rise the concern on how this society miss-concepted our body.  You may click the hyperlink for the fb page.

Updated court news of the case:



The Asia’s World Strange City – Hong Kong

How strange? First, calling the city Asia’s World city is weird enough, why couldn’t we use international city?! too short? not catchy enough? or it’s being taken by other country? do they own the word? I don’t get it.  I like simple thing, like Amazing Thailand, Malaysia – Truly Asia, Fun Taiwan, incredible India… short, simple, right to the point.

Second, we do not trust the police anymore. Understand HKers were very trusty to our police force after the image reformed in the late 70s.  The force represent courage, responsible, justice, healthy and positive, at least people in my generation had dreams of being a cop when we were kids. For a long time, we proud of HK being a safe place to be because of the police force.  Unfortunately, we feel no longer safe, this long-built trust has been shattered since the handover and decay rapidly by CY Leung’s authority.

Police now can openly insult or injured people without being charged.  Ridiculously, they made up excuses like they were just capturing the riot during the protest, the fact is 7 policemen were captured on live kicking and beating up 1 guy who has been handcuffed.  This happened last year during Umbrella Movement, the victim has filed the complain but up until now, there is NO single policemen involved has been charged. They only being suspended but still got PAID!

News update:

The other case during the Movement, the involved superintendent explained the protester was being “touched” by the baton in his hand – in his word is “the extension of his arm” – while he was trying to ask the pedestrians to leave the occupy site;  the fact is a cloud of people were leaving the site (no one is stopping or resisting) in an orderly fashion and suddenly that superintendent came up and hit couple of guys in the cloud with his baton on their back, one got injured at the back of his neck and proceed to complain.  This has also been captured on live by local TV news channels and went vial in social media.  The case has been submitted to the Complaint Against Police Office (CAPO) and the Independent Police Complaint Council (IPCC) ; CAPO is a police department to handle daily complaint against the police and IPCC is the independent watch group appointed by the Chief Executive of HKSAR.  IPCC recently announced the vote result of this case, is 12 yes against 6 no on agreeing the presented evidence shown that the superintendent is obviously beating the pedestrians with the baton that night and they suggested the CAPO to action for officially charge the officer with assault.  However, CAPO counter-proposed the IPCC revote for changing the charge  in to much less serious one.  Luckily, the IPCC insisted there is not necessary to revote unless the police can provide new evidence to support it.   The case still under “negotiation” !

News update: Police Reject Watchdog’s Ruling, Ask for Revote Superintendent Assault Case, HKFP, July 20, 2015

The most unbelievable case is, a female protester being charged by assaulting a policeman with her breast while she was the one who has been beat by the officer ended up with serious nose bleed.  She has been charged GUILTY by the district court! I wonder how injure the police is to lead to this verdict?  Rumour said the judge is under the pro-government party so the verdict favour to the police.  Now, we started to doubt with the court!

News update: HK Protester Convicted of Assaulting Police Officer by Her Breast, SCMP, July 17, 2015

Last week, a pro-democrat Legislation Council Member unveiled there is Lead – an toxic heavy metal – found in the drinking water from 3 sample out of 10 collected from the public estates.  The Lead found suspected released from the pre-assembled parts of the pipes supplied by the main contractor – China State Construction International Holdings Co Ltd (CSCI 一中國建築) .  The first reaction of the government is finger-pointing the labour who installed the parts by using contaminated material during the installation which may led to the leaking.  While the public are panic if they have been poisoned, the government “expert” mentioned scornfully in the press conference that the amount of Lead have been consumed in average to ones life time is nothing lethal.  Ar um… doctor, there is no one confirmed how many Lead or how long those poor people have been consumed! How can you said that?! Public suspected that if there is no one finds out this problem, the people will keep drinking and using the lead water for the rest of their life until they moved or die.  What will that do to them? cancer? kidney and/or liver failure in unreasonably early age? deform babies? underdeveloped children? How many other public estate have the same issue? all? Are those private residence built by CSCI have the same issue? Is there any public facilities have the same problem?

Another government “elite”, Dr. Leung Pak-Yin, M.D., CEO of Hospital Authority in HK suggested the affected people can drink more water to drain out the lead in the system. Problem is, IT IS THE DRINKING WATER IN THEIR HOME HAS BEEN CONTAMINATED!  So is the government going to supply them drinking water for the rest of the life? or suggest them to move, where no one knows where can be safe and they can afford.

can anyone tell us what exactly happened? NO, the government still has no solid answer on any question asked.  They are too busy to discredit the test result by the opposite party and the lab which outside the government structure (or better say control! ).  Most importantly, to stop people questioning the quality of CSCI’s work. Why? The company has been believed supported by RED investors.  No one dare to touch them.

You can say that the police complaints are political act by opposite parties, but it is a public health issue, a Toxic one; still the government treated like we are asking for trouble!

News update: Lead Water Scandal Persists as New Estate Returns Positive Results for Contaminations, HKFP, July 20, 2015

The bizarre thing is under the chaotic situation, weak government image, 698 still shamelessly proceed to “elect” to be the Chief Executive of HKSAR.  Does he knows he is the source of chaos?

HK is getting more strange everyday….