Say NO to Internet Article 23!

I am a internet surfer and FB addict.  People like me in HK enjoy (still) the freedom of receiving information from all over the world through our media channels, mainly through  the internet.

However, the government tried to tighten our right of using the information, re-create, sharing information / forwarding information of our own and others’ creation to express ourselves with the new copyright bill, which we named the “Internet Article 23”.  The detail bill is vague (yet again!) like other recently passed bill of HK Government.  This is reckless, unreasonable and disrespectful to our right.

To pass this bill is the big step for restrict our freedom, dragging us down to the PRC’s level.  I don’t understand why our government / Central government instead of keeping us as the window / bridge to connect to the rest of the world, but drag us backwards.  What good to them when HK dies?

Today, the LegCo will discuss the bill and hopefully our Honorable law makers will stand for our very best!

Discussion will be started this afternoon (Dec 9, 2015) HKT.  You can watch live in here (if you understand Cantonese / sign language), English subtitled video recording will be published in LegCo Youtube Channel, usually within a week:


LegCo Youtube Channel:

More news and background info can be found in Hong Kong Free Press article : 


„Young, educated, motivated“ – Daimler wants to search for new workers in the refuge centers now. (German-English Translation Practice)

photo copied from

photo copied from

CEO of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche wants to search for workers among the refugees. Most of the refugees are young, well-educated and highly motivated. And these people are a great opportunity for Germany.

Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetsche wants, in his own words, to search for workers and promote his business in refugees centers. He suggests, „That we inform the refugees in the refuge centers on the opportunities and conditions to find work in Germany or at Daimler.“ Zetsche told „Bild am Sonntag“ . Many refugees are young, well-educated and highly motivated. „Such people are exactly (that) we are looking for.“ Said the Daimler CEO.

The refugees area great opportunity for Germany. Similar to decades ago, the foreign workers could „help us to maintain or to increase our prosperity.“ In order to better integrate refugees into the labour market, Zetsche demands for a deportation ban for apprentices. Adolescents should be given the guarantee by education authority, not to be expelled, he said.

Daimler expects sales record in China

Zetsche said in an interview with „Bild am Sonntag“, not only about refugees. Despite the current financial turmoil and declining growth rates in China, Daimler CEO does not expect a downturn: „I do not see the global economic crisis,“ he said. „The world economy this year is growing almost 3%, Europe and the USA run well.“

Also in view of China crisis could be nowhere in sight: „The reactions oft he financial markets and all the dire predictions are exaggerated. The Chinese economy is growing, albeit more slowly, as well as the automotive market.“

Daimler sold 53%more Mercedes in China in August than last August and expects  for 2015 with a sales record in China of more than 300,000 vehicles.

Translation from the article: Daimler will jetzt in Flüchtlingszentren nach neuen Artbeitskräften suchen, Money Section of FOCUS ONLINE, on September 6, 2015 (Sunday)

PS: this is a translation practice inspired by a post’s comment of my German tutor – he said “Happy translating…” after posting the article in my fb page.  With the great help from Google Translator and online dictionary, it took me 2 hours to finish this.  ;P

I found some wordings are weird, hope my german speaking friends in here can correct me if I am wrong.

Great Thanks!

Home for Dinner…

15 years ago…

“it’s your destiny to find love elsewhere, you must leave for your own good.” Fortune teller told a woman.

Her heart sank. “Maybe it is the time to leave” she thought. She decided to leave everything behind and head to America before her visa expired.

“But, where…?” she wondered. Opened the map and closed her eyes, then point a place, opened her eyes – New York!

“ok!” sounded so determine.

She sold whatever she had within 2 weeks and had quick farewell with friends and family, telling them her so-called plan… which was no plan! Some tried to convince her it is crazy; some believed she will return when she noticed there were no love, no money and no job, very soon.

Deep down, they saw the sparks in her eyes and admired her courage.

At the airport anxiety attacked, “that’s it? Start from scratch?” she doubted for a sec and approached to the gate. Battle between the doubt and excitement stopped her from sleeping.  She tried to plan her trip with the Lonely Planet she picked in the dutyfree.

“travelling New York?!” a man asked.  “yes… oh, no” the woman said.

“so is it a yes or no?” he laughed. “oh wait, how long you’re going to stay? where are you staying?” the man never expected an answer and kept shooting her with questions.  She smiled.

Despite her silent, the man continued, “you obviously confused by the book, let me suggest you some interesting spots to visit.  I’m a frequent traveler to New York, maybe able to help. At least for the first few days….ok… here and there…” without her permission, he started to plan her trip with her book, meticulously. She had no words but kept her smile and nods, listened carefully and took a good look at him.

He’s at his 30s with thick clean cut hair, looks very soft in touch.  Big eyes with strong facial feature. Delicate and dedicated.  “it’s your destiny to find love elsewhere, you must leave for your own good.” she remembered the fortune teller said.  “That’s it?! That easy? I met him once I started the journey?” She couldn’t help to be excited.

Butterflies fly…

“hey, are you here?! Sorry, am I speaking too fast?” the man apologized. “My wife said I always like that, makes people tired…”

WIFE! She heard nothing but the gun shot to her butterflies…

“no, you’re very kind, maybe I’m too tired. Thanks!” she pretended to sleep.

The moment she set foot outside the JFK, she lost. “hey, where you want to go?” A deep bull voice woke her.  It’s a taxi driver.  She hopped into his cab and stared at him from the mirror, he saw her red eyes. “I don’t know where to go, I don’t know why am I here…” She cried. “oh… calm down, tell me when you can think of anywhere, I’m just keep driving.” the bull voice said.

He took the road by the seaside or sunny places, believed that could make her feels better.  He felt sorry for her.  “what a beautiful day!” finally, she noticed.  “yes, it’s the day for picnic!” he was happy.  “please take me to your picnic spot.” she smile. “yes, ma’m”

She told him her story on the way, he listened carefully.

“isn’t it crazy?!” she asked. “Yes, it’s a hell of a story.  But don’t you want to hear something crazier?” he asked. “Why not?”

“Will you marry me?” the bull proposed, she didn’t know what to react.

“I am not rich, but will provide what you need, you don’t have to work.  I love to be married but my ex doesn’t want to stay home and take care of a family, we divorced. No child.” he took a deep breath and continue. “After I heard your story, I believe I can make you happy. I will be home for you on time everyday, all you have to promise is to make dinner for me.” he stared and wait for her answer.

She was shocked. “that’s him?”

“you’re here, why not give it a shot?” he pushed, he made a ring with a note from his cash box and put it in her finger.

“that’s it!” he said/she thought.

They lived happily ever after. He did what he promised, be home after work, at 6 sharp! She always heard him sing when he approached the door, a happy signal for the wife.  Dinner always ready, he could smell it at the door. As promised. It’s been 10 years since they met.

“there is a gun fight in the XX avenue, police reported an innocent by stander got shot to death earlier… the victim was a male taxi driver in 40s, his name is…” The news reporter announced her happy life is over.

No one home for her dinner, again, she lost.

The time reversed in her mind, to the night before the incident. At 5:57 pm, he approached the door with his favorite jazz.  He opened the door and walked to the table for her well prepared dinner. She smiled.

She always woke up with tears the morning after, for a long time, she noticed the food never been touched though she kept cooking. “Can’t let him hungry.” , every night. Others noticed her bizarre routine, tried to keep her occupied and hope she can overcome.  She seems normal at the day time.

“I must leave, it’s 4, gotta get the dinner ready.” or so she seems…

For 2 years she lived between the present and the past.  One day, she asked her brother-in-law to take her to his grave. “I never been there for him.”, “ok, I’ll take you there tomorrow morning!” he’s glad she finally came to her senses.

“I have to be home for the dinner.” or so he thought.

“I’m sorry to let you sleep like that.” she talked to his grave while cleaning the headstone and the messy grass around it. “I’ll be back to plant you some flowers… roses? or Peony? Oh… Frangipani! We had Frangipani trees back home, it smells great in summer.  you’ll love it….” her brother-in-law overheard it, felt sorry and weird, yet relieved that she tried to cope with it.

“it’s holiday tomorrow, why don’t we go out for picnic?” she asked. “ok, I ask Jess to prepare it.  The kids must be thrilled.” “No, I will prepare it, you have no idea what your brother likes to eat. Please pick me up tomorrow, thanks!”

“sigh…” the brother sighed silently.

A smell of omelet with onion and cheese woke her up. “it smell so great, you made it for me?!” smile happily, “eat up, we need to buy the seed before the picnic.”

At noon, they picnic by the lake, the in-laws overheard her dream talking. “Sorry that I never give you a child… why? can you stay for one more day?…”, “I am not going to cook for another…” she’s angry. “leave, leave, you just leave me alone…!” she cried and woken up. “hey, it just a dream…shih…” Jess tried to calm her.

Its always delightful to watch kids planting trees.  It was a fine day. “hey, kids we need to go home, wash your hands and help mama to pack things!”, “we wait at the car.” he said.

“I am sorry to yell at you, you never stop provoke me though…” she complained. “ok, ok, I will take good care of myself and your trees… I wouldn’t cry…” her tears dropped again. “Will you come back?” her head dropped seems she finally, finally accepted he will never come back.

Everyday she visit his grave and water the trees, clean his headstone, talk a little and head back to her little garden cafe.

“what’s the smell? refreshing!” he asked the lady at the counter. “it’s Frangipani! The flower blossom in summer.” she replied.


“It’s you, you settled down in here! how’s life?” he is the neighbor in her flight.

She smiled and tell him her story…

Preface of “Home for Dinner…”

I am about to tell a story. A love story, which originally developed from a ghost story, I heard from a radio show years ago.

The ghost story is about a woman who lost her husband in an accident, legend said that he returns from his grave every evening for dinner as promised. The promise they had with each other when they tied the knot – he always be home on time and she greets him with her home made dinner.  Finally, his ghost made her a breakfast and left forever, so she could move on her life. The story teller didn’t mention any details of it, she told the story meant to explain why the ghost keeps coming back.  It has no beginning, ending, names, etc, just a very short part. I think this couple (if they ever exist) deserved to have a complete story, I owe them one.

I first wrote it in 2013 in Chinese, it became my first and only love story. Recently, I read my old blog archive tried to sort out something interesting to share in here.  So I rewrite it.  I found it better to leave the characters unnamed. You can put any name which you see fit.  After all it is a ghost story, no one tells ghost story with real names, always made up the fake ones.  So name or no name is not important.  Though, I added one name, Jess, for the sister-in-law; my little stereotype for a sister.  Tried to shorten this 2000+ Chinese words 2 parted story to 1330 words… not short at all.

Skip, if you don’t want to waste your time.  But I hope you can read their story.