Trump Japanese Commercial!

Honestly, I don’t like Trump.  He is loud, full of BS and hatred… but this commercial video is something!

Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016 by Mike Diva


Imagine by & from Mike Diva fb page


After the Taiwan Presidential Election

Taiwan Presidential Election held yesterday (Jan 16, 2016) it made some histories for taiwanese elected their first female president, Dr Tsai Ing Wen (蔡英文) who is also first female people elected leader in Chinese countries. Yes, Taiwan offical name is Republic of People, i.e. a independent country! China (PRC, People Republic of China), is another one.

As a Hongkonger, I envy n happy for taiwanese because they have the right to choose and they practice this right.

Today I saw a post in fb from Paper Shau Kei, a hongkong local community media page, which tells perfectly how we feel n why we sorrow.


It literally said:

Taiwanese: we voted today, and we will know the result tonight.

China People: that’s nothing! We voted today, but we knew the result yesterday!!

Hongkonger’s think: so what?! We never got to vote, but we knew the result long time ago!

Notes from CGar:
Yes, China people can vote in the annual meeting of Central Government, but they can vote for whatever the Communist Party or it’s leader wants them to vote.

In HK, ironically, we do not get to elect our Chief Executive. It is chosen by the PRC Central Government n elected by a election committee, which as only 1,200 members, whom also appointed by the Central Government!

Ridiculous?! U will be numb if u really live in Hong Kong nowadays!

Dick swtich, seriously?!

Saw the Dick switch for birth control, video shared from 9Gag TV…

This conversation pop-out instantly:

Hey, slow down baby, switch it off first!
Not the light, silly, ur Dick!
U’ve not installed that?!
Call me when u got one…

I wonder if it can be switched back on during the action? And, will it turn off the guy as well?! It sounds like a prank. If that’s real, it’s a torture …

Video unders 6 mins shows you what’s sex reassignment surgery is


screen cap from post on Dec 13, 2015. Click the picture to play the video

it is a video illustrating the sex reassignment surgery for male to female. Originally, it is done by European Society of Urology, the educational video for ESU members in 2009, Ms. Tanya Edwards featured it her blog post in on Dec 13, 2015.  Now shared by the Huffington Post’s FB page, where I watched.

I think it should be shared to the others, to children if you wish because it is not disgusting or bloody at all. Teach them what sex reassignment surgery is, as it is one of the major physical transformation the transgender may go through. Most importantly, try inspire people to understand why they choose to undergo such huge and painful transformation.

they are one of us, living among us, teach people to know little-by-littleot the others, make the harmony environment for everyone.

Post by Tanya EdwardsVideo Details Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment Surgery

Bill of Internet Article 23 Follow Up

The LegCo debate on the new copyright law (“Internet Article 23) has been delayed due to less than half members shows up for the debate and vote. Legally, there must be at least 35 no. of Legislation Council Member to attend the meeting for the debate and vote to pass / deny the bill.

The debate will postpone to next Wednesday meeting, the anti-Internet Article 23 citizens may reschedule to circle up the government headquarter, where the LegCo meeting to be held, to protest and to support the pro-demo LegCo member to veto this bully law.

Updated news in here:

my previous post on the subject :

Say NO to Internet Article 23!

I am a internet surfer and FB addict.  People like me in HK enjoy (still) the freedom of receiving information from all over the world through our media channels, mainly through  the internet.

However, the government tried to tighten our right of using the information, re-create, sharing information / forwarding information of our own and others’ creation to express ourselves with the new copyright bill, which we named the “Internet Article 23”.  The detail bill is vague (yet again!) like other recently passed bill of HK Government.  This is reckless, unreasonable and disrespectful to our right.

To pass this bill is the big step for restrict our freedom, dragging us down to the PRC’s level.  I don’t understand why our government / Central government instead of keeping us as the window / bridge to connect to the rest of the world, but drag us backwards.  What good to them when HK dies?

Today, the LegCo will discuss the bill and hopefully our Honorable law makers will stand for our very best!

Discussion will be started this afternoon (Dec 9, 2015) HKT.  You can watch live in here (if you understand Cantonese / sign language), English subtitled video recording will be published in LegCo Youtube Channel, usually within a week:


LegCo Youtube Channel:

More news and background info can be found in Hong Kong Free Press article : 

„Young, educated, motivated“ – Daimler wants to search for new workers in the refuge centers now. (German-English Translation Practice)

photo copied from

photo copied from

CEO of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche wants to search for workers among the refugees. Most of the refugees are young, well-educated and highly motivated. And these people are a great opportunity for Germany.

Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetsche wants, in his own words, to search for workers and promote his business in refugees centers. He suggests, „That we inform the refugees in the refuge centers on the opportunities and conditions to find work in Germany or at Daimler.“ Zetsche told „Bild am Sonntag“ . Many refugees are young, well-educated and highly motivated. „Such people are exactly (that) we are looking for.“ Said the Daimler CEO.

The refugees area great opportunity for Germany. Similar to decades ago, the foreign workers could „help us to maintain or to increase our prosperity.“ In order to better integrate refugees into the labour market, Zetsche demands for a deportation ban for apprentices. Adolescents should be given the guarantee by education authority, not to be expelled, he said.

Daimler expects sales record in China

Zetsche said in an interview with „Bild am Sonntag“, not only about refugees. Despite the current financial turmoil and declining growth rates in China, Daimler CEO does not expect a downturn: „I do not see the global economic crisis,“ he said. „The world economy this year is growing almost 3%, Europe and the USA run well.“

Also in view of China crisis could be nowhere in sight: „The reactions oft he financial markets and all the dire predictions are exaggerated. The Chinese economy is growing, albeit more slowly, as well as the automotive market.“

Daimler sold 53%more Mercedes in China in August than last August and expects  for 2015 with a sales record in China of more than 300,000 vehicles.

Translation from the article: Daimler will jetzt in Flüchtlingszentren nach neuen Artbeitskräften suchen, Money Section of FOCUS ONLINE, on September 6, 2015 (Sunday)

PS: this is a translation practice inspired by a post’s comment of my German tutor – he said “Happy translating…” after posting the article in my fb page.  With the great help from Google Translator and online dictionary, it took me 2 hours to finish this.  ;P

I found some wordings are weird, hope my german speaking friends in here can correct me if I am wrong.

Great Thanks!