LP Chester Bennington 1976-2017

Chester Bennington

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Haven’t written a post for a long time. Honestly, never thought I would write this.

Chester Bennington, 41, vocal of Linkin Park, hang himself at home.

Checked my fb first thing in every morning, usually get news like bombing somewhere, other BS from dump US president or another mess up law sues from HK govt against our citizens. Never thought of my favourite singer vanished like this.

I followed LP since my first job, Hybrid Theory, it’s been 15 years now, still Crawling in my mind. LP, along with Marilyn Manson, White Stripes, Evanescence, are my all-time overtime work favourite, boosted me up for those lonely frustrating endless nights.

Remembered I was so excited for LP’s first HK Live, practically dragged my friends to go with me. It was fantastic, just like standing in the studio with them. They are a very hard working band, touring around the world nearly every year. They performance in HK every 1 or 2 years. I glad that I attended 2 of them, at least, one thing less to regret. It’s delightful to hear Chester’s voice in the movies, all gone now.

I spent whole morning looping LP videos and songs in my iTune and Youtube, search for a hint of his choice of passing in between the lyrics. Failed, of cause. In their latest album “One More Light”, though, song titles seem to tell something about it, Battle Symphony > Talking to Myself (the official video release hours before his suicide news out) > Nobody Can Save Me > Good Goodbye…

It’s difficult to LP fans, can’t imagine how devastated it is for his family. As a not-so-hard-core fan, I took it unexpectedly hard. Suicide, always my deepest fear of the love ones would have chosen. Would never sees its coming, crashes you from no where, then leaves you with nothing but a hollow soul.

Instead of RIP to Chester, I would rather say Live in Peace to his family and friends. Hope those loved him, supporting the family through this tragic time.



it’s been a long time since my last post. I found it difficult to write, being trapped by my job for months, seeing the Brexit, Donald Trump got elected as US’s President, elected pan democratic LegCo members got JR then disqaulified brutally by our own government… all the seemingly nonsense now became the sense.  the trembling future has begun and no one knows what’s next or dare to predict.  i just hope the meme i read wouldn’t be true:

“New York, London and HK as the closest brothers, though we are unable to born at the same year, but we shall die at the same year.”