Goodbye Tinder…


I opened a Tinder account 6 days ago, because I am boring.  I tried to use it for 2 days, wanted to find out if it’s getting me anywhere or amuse me at least.

after swipe, swipe, swipe for few hours a day, I found couple of guys attractive but I confirmed that I honestly hate the very idea of online shopping for a human being.

Yes, it’s online shopping, even though I wasn’t using the paid services, I can’t swipe the feeling away. It kept me thinking of how can people do this? It took me sometime to study the details of asos before I order a dress, for it’s measurement, materials, the cut, the color… etc.  But in Tinder, or other dating apps, provided minimal information of a person. You can pay for more, but isn’t it a sort of shopping?

Also, I found it very addictive to swipe for cute people.  I timed myself once, I swiped for 2 hours in Sunday after dinner. I wanted to do it during the dinner, I have to compress the feeling because I don’t want to build another addiction and piss off my family.

Other problem is, I do not trust people that I do not know in person, literally! I rarely trust new acquaintance, none to say a stranger from the app.

Thinking of these, I gave it up in day 4.

so bye bye Tinder and cute guys…

bb tinder

Bye bye Tinder…



I am on Tinder now. why?! boring, it seems a good idea, or at least a new way for meeting new friends.

I played about 15mins and i found…

the app is easy to use, even easier than meetup or instagram. it took me less than a mins to setup the account and post photos through fb and ig.

it is convenience but i cannot do much for editing in the profile info because of its simplicity. especially, on the “interests” section. it hooked to all pages i “liked” in fb.  however, there are many reason one to like a page, such as doing it for work, friendly gesture to a friend’s page, showing support to a client, etc… means such list of page cannot reveal the true like of a person. in my case, i will say it only show 50% of what i really interested.


screen cap fr BuzzFeedYellow youtube channel, pls click the picture to watch video

Saw Buzzfeed video about people try to use Tinder for the first time and most deleted it right after the video because it feels like people shopping.  I do feel this way. for ig, which is (can be…) the subtle way to showcase your life (the life you want people to see) instead yourself. users can appreciate the photos / video of others by heart them or following them without knowing their face.  still it is a showcase not in a direct way. Tinder, on the other hand, is more dating-oriented. people posting picture / the best feature to impress others in between swipes.  you can put, super like(?!), like and nope purely by the profile picture.

hey, you can read about the guy’s profile.

Honestly, how many people will read the profile if you didn’t find their picture appealing?! and how much you can learn about a person within 500 characters profile?! so we will just swipe till we found some for occasionally heart them and see how it goes.

I never realized there are that many of foreigners living in HK, to be exact, within a miles away from me!  over 70% profiles shown are foreign guys, less than 30% are chinese / hongkongers. it is opposite on the street!

why?! hk people don’t needs this app assistance? I know friends meet and even married their online date through fb, WeChat, ICQ (so old school…), LGBT apps and online game chatrooms!  why tinder seems less common? or it is more acceptable for foreigners? it seems popular in US and Europe, I watched videos taught people how to use tinder in US, Australia and Finland and more.. or is it because they are living in the foreign city ?!

Other thing interested me is the guys look…

For the guys before 35, foreigners look 5-10 years mature than their real age (if that’s real!), while chinese looks 5 years younger.  most of the guys i interested whom i thought is in my age are actually below 30 (shame…>.<). is it really the genetic different or life experience different?! If you stay home you look like a kid and if you work aboard you tend to be mature?!

for those who are after 40, chinese or not, they tend to look close to their age.

So far, my account has been activated for around 2 hours, i only liked 3 guys and found 1 match with no chat. the app is easy to use, but finding a match is not that easy…lol

are you using it? or other apps? can you tell me about your experience? is there any tricks?!




Dick swtich, seriously?!

Saw the Dick switch for birth control, video shared from 9Gag TV…

This conversation pop-out instantly:

Hey, slow down baby, switch it off first!
Not the light, silly, ur Dick!
U’ve not installed that?!
Call me when u got one…

I wonder if it can be switched back on during the action? And, will it turn off the guy as well?! It sounds like a prank. If that’s real, it’s a torture …

Video unders 6 mins shows you what’s sex reassignment surgery is


screen cap from post on Dec 13, 2015. Click the picture to play the video

it is a video illustrating the sex reassignment surgery for male to female. Originally, it is done by European Society of Urology, the educational video for ESU members in 2009, Ms. Tanya Edwards featured it her blog post in on Dec 13, 2015.  Now shared by the Huffington Post’s FB page, where I watched.

I think it should be shared to the others, to children if you wish because it is not disgusting or bloody at all. Teach them what sex reassignment surgery is, as it is one of the major physical transformation the transgender may go through. Most importantly, try inspire people to understand why they choose to undergo such huge and painful transformation.

they are one of us, living among us, teach people to know little-by-littleot the others, make the harmony environment for everyone.

Post by Tanya EdwardsVideo Details Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment Surgery

HK news media goes independent!

in the recent decade, HK press shifted rapidly from printed media to online media, thanks to Apply Daily’s online video channels.  It changed a lot on how we receive the news.  From reading traditional newspaper to online news for free, then watching instant news animation and custom-made footage like a TV series.

On top of that, political chaos gives it a big push, almost forced HK press goes independent.  Recent years, traditional media appeared to take side.  Sadly, they take the authority side or worst the RED side.  They are no longer reporting the news in a professional neutral perspective but becoming to act like a government official service announcement.  Ever since the Umbrella Movement this goes even worst, they started to attack and criticise pro-democracy parties / citizens.  Creating scandal and revealing “black materials” of those go against CY Leung’s government.  Society has been split greatly.  No respect to the opponent, they only aimed to crash them by all means necessary.

On the other hand, Facebook, google+, Twitter, Instagram, free blog sites like or wordpress … etc, social media, provided a low / no cost platform for the passionate journalists or concern citizens to voice out.  HK Free Press, FactWire (事實傳真通訊社), HK Dash (破折號), SocREC, Passion Times (熱血時報),  … etc, almost all of them started as a facebook page, linked to other network with a free blog as the main site; then fund rising with some among from the public.

They take no advertisement and avoid financial support from single investor, to keep themselves independent.  Without / low financial pressure they can report whatever they think the people needs to know.

Smartphone or mobile gadgets, like GoPro, made us all public reporters.  Isn’t it? The most important thing in occupy period is battery charging stations.  Let’s count how many communication gadgets you have with you daily: Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, action camera, laptop and digital camera which can link to the social media.  Do you know how many networks covering in HK? HK is a small place but has at least 8 mobile network companies providing service 24/7.  Although, data plan is limited from 1G to 6G, even with limited free WiFi service, it’s enough for you to tell the world instantly what’s going on in the dark corner of the city.

We yearn for change, yearn for democracy, yearn for justice, yearn for uniqueness… we have the means and cause, let’s hope these independent press hold firmly on their believes and grow stronger in the future.

image copied from FactWire Facebook Page

image copied from FactWire Facebook Page


image copied from FactWire Facebook Page

PS. FactWire to be launch later this year, and fund rising in FringeBacker, visit to understand and support their work.

Questions of WordPress’s statistic…HELP!

If you are a WordPress user, you may notice there is a statistic section under the admin page, simply for checking your viewers profile. It is pretty details for a free blog website, with daily, weekly, monthly and annual analysis from search words people used to viewer’s country (at least where their server is located… ), to Like count, to Comment count on which post you released… etc.

i like that, though I don’t have much followers, but it is nice to know there is people from Middle East countries or from Nordic area interested in my posts.  I was once surprised it shown there were people from Mainland China can view my blog as WordPress is supposed to be blocked in China.

Recently, I found that there is one thing I don’t understand, this is the stat today:

screen cap by cgar

screen cap by cgar

OK… you can see there is 1 view today made by 1 visitor on 1 post + 2 likes on another post made by 2 other visitors.  The question is, why those 2 other visitors have not been counted in the view count and visitor count? is there an alternative way to access the blog without being counted? I know the blog owner can avoid being counted by the setting but can viewer do that too? Is it possible to Like or read the post (completed version) in google+ or Twitter … etc so the stat can’t count it?

it bother me a little when it seems doesn’t add up.  Anyone can explain this?!

Finger Licking Good… New KFC Tray Typer in Germany!

Honestly, I want one after I watched their Youtube Video!

The fired chicken chain launched a new campaign in Germany on May 19, 2015, after they have launched the cute little fired chicken-liked keyboard-USB-mouse set in Japan.  It is a smart approach, not new, but smart… consider everyone is basically smart device inseparable these days.  The bendable Bluetooth linked keyboard has been appeared since a little after the tablet getting common. It’s getting thinner and cheaper, people may not bother to buy one as it is one more thing to bring along, somehow opposite to the idea of using touch screen device.  But still people tend to use an actual keyboard, a physical one, when they have to type a lot of things in a short period of time.  I know I am. Having one in the bag maybe a good idea, having one for free is even better!

KFC Tray Typer

KFC Tray Typer (click the photo to watch the video in Youtube)

I like this idea compared to the Bag Tray of McDonald’s appeared last month. It is more practical and thoughtful.  Also, you can take it with you and reuse after the meal.

Though may need to clean it up after your sticky fingerprints all over it.  Is that cleanable?!

It is sick, isn’t it? Nowadays, we cannot enjoy our meal for 20 mins without using our phone… “hey, I am in KFC, typing with my sticky fingers… ”

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The Keyboard is Part of the Company’s Advertising Campaign in Germany by Adriana Tipton at, May 19, 2015