to erase

people connections are strange, always fascinated me.  because it is mostly complicating, confusing and addictive.

till to the annoying point that, you’ll wish, actually, yearn or scream to erase that. like it never happen, never a spark, never connect, never exist… so you can get back the boring yet peaceful mind.

I guess that’s why I love “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Movie still of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. (click the image to watch the music video)

Movie still of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. (click the image for the music video)

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The Age of Adaline

personally, this is the worst time to watch a romance movie.  especially, when it is about an unspeakable beauty and over romantic happy ending.  My girly lovely friend said it could be therapeutic for me.  Fact is, it’s like get poisoned by the medicine.

anyway, I am not going to tell the story, so if interested, then buy a ticket and watch in the cinema yourself.

movie still

movie still – Ellis (Michiel Huisman) & Adaline (Blake Lively)

Honestly, I think the story is corny.  But I like how the director, Lee Toland Krieger, pull it off.  He tells the story through a VO (voice over) like the documentary of National Geographic and exactly like the science programme telling how the first human developed from a monkey to modern man, he gives data, studies and theories to make the event real.  It got my attention and forgot the corniness. impressed!

On top of that, he picked the perfect actress – Blake Lively – as Adaline, elegant, adorable and timeless.  Like people like Amelie, not only the playful ideas in the story, but Audrey Tautou is Amelie!  Here Blake Lively is Adaline.  The woman makes you stared, dreamed, stayed but you could never have her (coz Ryan Reynolds has… oops); her looks with a little performance convinced people to forget their realities.

Movie still - Adaline on New Year Eve

Movie still – Adaline on New Year Eve

so if you adore beautiful creature and wishing to drown yourself into romance for 2 hours, this is the movie you want.

by the way, for Krieger, I like Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012) just a little more, the truth is lighter than a dream sometime.

About The Age of Adaline (2015) :