Back to blog…

Not blog much lately, just realized my last post is in last Sep!!! O my…

After all those scandals with FB n when everyone talking how mich of ourselves we had given out volunteerly, it’s time to cut down my appearence in other social media accountssssss.. Yeah, I hv quite a lot…

Back to blogging, a rather quiet regime, simple n direct.


Is there an OCD on Notification?!

if yes, then i think i’m one!

smartphone (suddenly found this term so OLD SCHOOL! lol… ) is most of my life.  my work, news, friends, communication, entertainment… (not bank! i still hesitate on apps / online banking or payment) are all in this 5″1 screen cell.  It is super convenience to live with it.


i have an issue. i can’t stand with that little somewhat adorable colourful ball with a little number in it, called it the “Ball”! Whenever this ball appeared, it’s notified one that there is a number of unread news in the apps that need to be checked.  emails, g+, fb, tweet, ig, apps updates, news, msgs, etc.  These balls drives me crazy!


copy from google search

i feel the same when i turn on my laptop’s outlook, or twitter on Chrome, anywhere with a ( No. ) or bold number in it! its like someone keeps nagging that i have a series of unfinished business.


my Chrome browsers, keep (93) only for this post!!!! i keep looking at it every few mins…

i am not sure when do i started to feel irritated by that (it probably be way before there is fb / smartphone). all i know is i can’t help but to get rip of them! ALL OF THEM! i call it “Kill the Ball!”

whenever i have a new app / phone, i will try to turn off the notification as many as i can, coz i will check everything frequently anyway.  this is my ritual first thing in every morning (actually, whenever the ball appears) for those still shown. then i can move on to my daily work.

i found myself sitting in front of my computer for hours just to “mark as read” / “delete” the unread emails from my backup gmail account after a week-long business trip in China.

the itch also extend to my friends’ cells or others’ computer. i once saw my friend has 100,000+ in her email apps and some dozens of notification in her fb / other apps, i practically shouted at her “how could you let this happen!?” (like she has ruined my phone! sorry, dear!) she told me those are her backup emails + junk mails from all those subscriptions.  it’s been piled up ever since she has that email, doesn’t have time and doesn’t bother to deal with them. Now they are too many, so just let them be.  i found myself want to reach her phone and kill them all for good. of coz, she screen lock her phone and avoid any unfortunate happen.

i tried to ignore this itch for couple of days, found myself checking my phone in every couple of mins.  eventually, i gave in and hated myself more because i had to spend more time to kill them all!

i wouldn’t say it disturbed my life but feel unease without that.  is that still an obsession?!


LP Chester Bennington 1976-2017

Chester Bennington

Profile Picture of #LinkinPark fb page.

Haven’t written a post for a long time. Honestly, never thought I would write this.

Chester Bennington, 41, vocal of Linkin Park, hang himself at home.

Checked my fb first thing in every morning, usually get news like bombing somewhere, other BS from dump US president or another mess up law sues from HK govt against our citizens. Never thought of my favourite singer vanished like this.

I followed LP since my first job, Hybrid Theory, it’s been 15 years now, still Crawling in my mind. LP, along with Marilyn Manson, White Stripes, Evanescence, are my all-time overtime work favourite, boosted me up for those lonely frustrating endless nights.

Remembered I was so excited for LP’s first HK Live, practically dragged my friends to go with me. It was fantastic, just like standing in the studio with them. They are a very hard working band, touring around the world nearly every year. They performance in HK every 1 or 2 years. I glad that I attended 2 of them, at least, one thing less to regret. It’s delightful to hear Chester’s voice in the movies, all gone now.

I spent whole morning looping LP videos and songs in my iTune and Youtube, search for a hint of his choice of passing in between the lyrics. Failed, of cause. In their latest album “One More Light”, though, song titles seem to tell something about it, Battle Symphony > Talking to Myself (the official video release hours before his suicide news out) > Nobody Can Save Me > Good Goodbye…

It’s difficult to LP fans, can’t imagine how devastated it is for his family. As a not-so-hard-core fan, I took it unexpectedly hard. Suicide, always my deepest fear of the love ones would have chosen. Would never sees its coming, crashes you from no where, then leaves you with nothing but a hollow soul.

Instead of RIP to Chester, I would rather say Live in Peace to his family and friends. Hope those loved him, supporting the family through this tragic time.


it’s been a long time since my last post. I found it difficult to write, being trapped by my job for months, seeing the Brexit, Donald Trump got elected as US’s President, elected pan democratic LegCo members got JR then disqaulified brutally by our own government… all the seemingly nonsense now became the sense.  the trembling future has begun and no one knows what’s next or dare to predict.  i just hope the meme i read wouldn’t be true:

“New York, London and HK as the closest brothers, though we are unable to born at the same year, but we shall die at the same year.”

How would you like to be remembered?

Life is a series of odd events chained up together, created other random odds, make you lives full of mysteries, miserables, surprises and joys. We don’t get to choose the event, it just happen.

You thought you were a healthy young person, you have cancer. When modern medicine and your surviving will power helped you to beat the odd, you got killed by accident. So much like Final Destination!

Cheesy but true.

All you can do is whatever happens to you, you learn to cope with it, make every event worth, make a good/unique image for others to hold on.

The unfortunate young man was a kind, warm big brother. He was someone you will go to for advice or help. Though, my memory of him is very limited, I choose to memorize him like this.

My friend told me, she dreamed of her late father and asked him why he never come to see her. He told her that he was traveling in Africa. Instead of whining, she smiled, because this is her father, a free spirit.

I dreamed of my father days before father’s day, he was wearing his suits but 2 sizes too big, hurrying to work, grumpy and tense. This was him, this is what I can remember of him.

How you would like to be remembered?

Goodbye Tinder…


I opened a Tinder account 6 days ago, because I am boring.  I tried to use it for 2 days, wanted to find out if it’s getting me anywhere or amuse me at least.

after swipe, swipe, swipe for few hours a day, I found couple of guys attractive but I confirmed that I honestly hate the very idea of online shopping for a human being.

Yes, it’s online shopping, even though I wasn’t using the paid services, I can’t swipe the feeling away. It kept me thinking of how can people do this? It took me sometime to study the details of asos before I order a dress, for it’s measurement, materials, the cut, the color… etc.  But in Tinder, or other dating apps, provided minimal information of a person. You can pay for more, but isn’t it a sort of shopping?

Also, I found it very addictive to swipe for cute people.  I timed myself once, I swiped for 2 hours in Sunday after dinner. I wanted to do it during the dinner, I have to compress the feeling because I don’t want to build another addiction and piss off my family.

Other problem is, I do not trust people that I do not know in person, literally! I rarely trust new acquaintance, none to say a stranger from the app.

Thinking of these, I gave it up in day 4.

so bye bye Tinder and cute guys…

bb tinder

Bye bye Tinder…


I am on Tinder now. why?! boring, it seems a good idea, or at least a new way for meeting new friends.

I played about 15mins and i found…

the app is easy to use, even easier than meetup or instagram. it took me less than a mins to setup the account and post photos through fb and ig.

it is convenience but i cannot do much for editing in the profile info because of its simplicity. especially, on the “interests” section. it hooked to all pages i “liked” in fb.  however, there are many reason one to like a page, such as doing it for work, friendly gesture to a friend’s page, showing support to a client, etc… means such list of page cannot reveal the true like of a person. in my case, i will say it only show 50% of what i really interested.


screen cap fr BuzzFeedYellow youtube channel, pls click the picture to watch video

Saw Buzzfeed video about people try to use Tinder for the first time and most deleted it right after the video because it feels like people shopping.  I do feel this way. for ig, which is (can be…) the subtle way to showcase your life (the life you want people to see) instead yourself. users can appreciate the photos / video of others by heart them or following them without knowing their face.  still it is a showcase not in a direct way. Tinder, on the other hand, is more dating-oriented. people posting picture / the best feature to impress others in between swipes.  you can put, super like(?!), like and nope purely by the profile picture.

hey, you can read about the guy’s profile.

Honestly, how many people will read the profile if you didn’t find their picture appealing?! and how much you can learn about a person within 500 characters profile?! so we will just swipe till we found some for occasionally heart them and see how it goes.

I never realized there are that many of foreigners living in HK, to be exact, within a miles away from me!  over 70% profiles shown are foreign guys, less than 30% are chinese / hongkongers. it is opposite on the street!

why?! hk people don’t needs this app assistance? I know friends meet and even married their online date through fb, WeChat, ICQ (so old school…), LGBT apps and online game chatrooms!  why tinder seems less common? or it is more acceptable for foreigners? it seems popular in US and Europe, I watched videos taught people how to use tinder in US, Australia and Finland and more.. or is it because they are living in the foreign city ?!

Other thing interested me is the guys look…

For the guys before 35, foreigners look 5-10 years mature than their real age (if that’s real!), while chinese looks 5 years younger.  most of the guys i interested whom i thought is in my age are actually below 30 (shame…>.<). is it really the genetic different or life experience different?! If you stay home you look like a kid and if you work aboard you tend to be mature?!

for those who are after 40, chinese or not, they tend to look close to their age.

So far, my account has been activated for around 2 hours, i only liked 3 guys and found 1 match with no chat. the app is easy to use, but finding a match is not that easy…lol

are you using it? or other apps? can you tell me about your experience? is there any tricks?!