Trump Japanese Commercial!

Honestly, I don’t like Trump.  He is loud, full of BS and hatred… but this commercial video is something!

Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016 by Mike Diva


Imagine by & from Mike Diva fb page


Facebook life for real…

normally, I surf facebook, then twitter and check my emails before work… lol… i am not an employee of the month I admit that.

This morning I found my friend’s news feed on a post shared from her friend, whom shared from someone called Harry Forsdick’s facebook page.  It’s a long share, it’s a big part of living in fb, right?! anyway, i found it interesting so I decided to share in here… outside the facebook, properly will appear in g+ and twitter, hope they don’t mind…

post copied from Mr. Harry Forsdick's fb page of Aug 3, 2015

post copied from Mr. Harry Forsdick’s fb page of Aug 3, 2015, it’s been shared over 40,000 times with more than 8,000 people “like” it. wow… 

Have you ever tried this? Have you ever consider to try this? what do you think about it?

I curious of what’s the purpose behind this article and who wrote this…

Pizza + movie… Pizza Hut Block Buster Box

fun project, again, from Ogilvy & Mather HK for Pizza Hut – Block Buster Box!

What’s that? A pizza box transform into a projector for your cell phone movie steaming.  It is very simple, a tailor made taller pizza box with a round hole, with a plastic stand + a projection glass.  put the glass set into the round hole, scan the QR code outside the box with your cell phone and set it on the plastic stand, place them in the center of the box, then play the pre-set movie of the company.  Of cause, later (maybe) you can play other videos or movies, but why not appreciate a little of the interesting production by the agency first?!

I think movie and pizza is the perfect match, it is not trying to be practical like the McDonald’s BagTray or KFC’s Type Tray, it is pure fun.

I like it!

Though, it is still a concept, God knows when Pizza Hut will adapt it… fingers cross!” href=”http://” target=”_blank”>video of Pizza Hut Block Buster Box by Ogilvy & Mather HK

photo copied from

photo copied from

Finger Licking Good… New KFC Tray Typer in Germany!

Honestly, I want one after I watched their Youtube Video!

The fired chicken chain launched a new campaign in Germany on May 19, 2015, after they have launched the cute little fired chicken-liked keyboard-USB-mouse set in Japan.  It is a smart approach, not new, but smart… consider everyone is basically smart device inseparable these days.  The bendable Bluetooth linked keyboard has been appeared since a little after the tablet getting common. It’s getting thinner and cheaper, people may not bother to buy one as it is one more thing to bring along, somehow opposite to the idea of using touch screen device.  But still people tend to use an actual keyboard, a physical one, when they have to type a lot of things in a short period of time.  I know I am. Having one in the bag maybe a good idea, having one for free is even better!

KFC Tray Typer

KFC Tray Typer (click the photo to watch the video in Youtube)

I like this idea compared to the Bag Tray of McDonald’s appeared last month. It is more practical and thoughtful.  Also, you can take it with you and reuse after the meal.

Though may need to clean it up after your sticky fingerprints all over it.  Is that cleanable?!

It is sick, isn’t it? Nowadays, we cannot enjoy our meal for 20 mins without using our phone… “hey, I am in KFC, typing with my sticky fingers… ”

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The Keyboard is Part of the Company’s Advertising Campaign in Germany by Adriana Tipton at, May 19, 2015

Cleanup HK by DNA?!

Recently, there is a cleaning HK campaign – the Face of Litter – by using the DNA extracted from the litterbugs on the street, especially surrounded the litter bins.  With these “human leftovers”, the commercial agency works with Parabon Nanolabs to recreate the faces of the owners. Then put their face (only face, because it is impossible to know exactly what their hair style is and ages solely by the DNA…) in the bus stop billboard or MTR stations.  Try to remind people that you will be identified if you drop a cigarette bug or stick your chewing gum under the seat.

The Face of Litter Poster, HK, by Ogilvy & Mather HK for Hong Kong Cleanup, 2015

The Face of Litter Poster, HK, by Ogilvy & Mather HK for Hong Kong Cleanup, 2015

It is interesting, but not new, artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg has a series of projects with this concept.  Stranger Face (2012-2013) is the very likely inspiration of the Face of Litter.  Click the links to see more about her projects, especially her project in 2014 called “Invisible” and “DNA Spoofing” in 2013.  Highly recommended to spend sometime to study them because they remind me exactly how easy ones can be identified or being stolen unknowingly.

Stranger Visions - Sample 2 DNA Face Sculpture by  Heather Dewey-Hagborg, copied from

Stranger Visions – Sample 2 DNA Face Sculpture by Heather Dewey-Hagborg, copied from

DNA Spoofing by Heather Dewey-Hagborg, photo copied from

DNA Spoofing by Heather Dewey-Hagborg, photo copied from

Anyway, I like a clean HK, no doubt. But do I like to hang a magshot everywhere to scare the people? My answer is NO!

I think this DNA usage is for identifying serious criminal or missing person and they are not used as an advertisement. So as long as we are not treating the litter droppers as serious criminals, publicize this ads just to raise concerns is too much. Because the limitation of the technology, the face is not accurate. It is very likely to produce a face which could be included people with the same physical features.  The noise of misunderstanding, misleading and finger pointing will end up cover the message itself.

On the other hand, there is a privacy issue.  Though it is not 100% accurate, but still very close to people with similar faces, what if those people sue the advertiser?  I am sure that the agency does not have and unable to have those “donors” to sign off their DNA and their face for the ads.  Even though the DNA are extracted from random sample from litter, i.e. they have given up their DNA.  It doesn’t mean the original owners are willing to give out their faces.  Being publicize and named as “Litterbug”, rightfully or wrongly, will raise the rage.

image of Litterbug - Clean HK Poster in 1970s, by HKG

image of Litterbug – Clean HK Poster in 1970s, by HKG

Luckily, (or sorry for the agency) there is not much noise of this ads.  But still it’s too much!

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Hong Kong Litterbugs Shamed in Billboard Portraits Made Using DNA from Trash by Mark Sharp, SCMP – Lifestyle, May 20, 2015

Good Critic on Yaocho Bar’s new Coasters by Gabriel Beltrone of

Photo copied from

Photo copied from

Tokyo bar chain, Yaocho, collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo for new collection of coasters which will be changed into chilling beat-up face after placed with a cold drinks.

The campaign is to remind people stop before it’s too late. Interesting enough, it is came from a Bar Chain, where you basically buy drunk and get stupid, so to speak. I like the idea, I think it should be extended to drunk driving and even cigarette to warn people stop smoking, you light up a cigarette and there is toxic skull monograms pattern appears on the cigarette.


Though the critic by Gabriel Beltrone of made a great point,  it is sending the mixed message to the public, to blame domestic abuse on excessive alcohol consumption.  It should be other way around, people has violent issue shouldn’t be drinking at all and get help!

and if you are going to drink, don’t drive. if you don’t want to die horribly or killing other slowly, then don’t smoke!

I think, nowadays, people are being informative enough to know what’s the consequences of getting drunk and so many other things they have done.

Still it is good to have someone address one of the issue, or cause, for domestic violence.  Hope it works well in Japan.

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Cold Drinks Give the Women on These Bar Coasters Sudden Cuts and Bruises – Japanese Fight Alcohol-fueled Violencec by Gabriel Beltrone, 

These Coasters Show How Excessive Drinking Can Lead To Domestic Violence by John Yong, Design

Video of Yaocho Bars:

Bag or Tray?! … McDonald’s new takeout BagTray

Recently, I read about new takeout BagTray of McDonald’s by DDB Budapest, the first impression is, “oh.. it is very thoughtful and the graphic design is adorable.”

on the second thought… “wait, where can I put the garbage when I finished my Happy Meal?! ”

In the video, one of the selling point is you can easily use it for picnic; but it may not be easy to find the litter bin in the outing spot.  Mostly, people will put the left over and garbage into the takeout bag, keep till they got home or put it into the car.  Of cause, we can put it in the tray, but it will easily falling apart.

The next question –  “is it possible to tear off the tab (the upper body of the bag) without dropping anything out?”

In the ads, products always stash perfectly, as below.

photo copied from, article of

photo copied from, article of “McDonald’s Invented This Cleaver Takeout Bad That’s Also a Tray”

But in the reality, things are piled up randomly inside the bag.  When you tear the tab off, you will find your fries shed everywhere and your coffee spill out.

Another practical problem kicks in, “is the material strong/hard enough to hold the food and drinks?”

I don’t know the soft drink size in other country, but in HK, normally, we will have 16 onz. + a burger + middle size fries, it is quite heavy for a paper tray.  Of cause, they can use card board for the tray, but still this can only hold max. 2 small drinks with food as the ads suggested.  What if I buy more? More bag? it is not environment friendly to ask for more bag just to have extra tray room.  What about a bigger bag? yes, the tray got bigger, so the material have to be thicker / stronger to hold that many things.  However, most of the time, maker will use the same materials with same specification to produce the bag no matter what size it is to match with the cost.

Not that I don’t like the idea, it is always nice to eat with a tray in the park or car. I am a user, just hope it can be more practical.  Somehow, I will prefer a simple paper bag, what about you?

Related Article: “McDonald’s Invented This Clever Takeout Bag That’s Also a Tray – A game-changer, probably” by Gabriel Beltrone.

Video of” href=”http://” target=”_blank”>McDonald’s BagTray by DDB in Vimeo