Is there an OCD on Notification?!

if yes, then i think i’m one!

smartphone (suddenly found this term so OLD SCHOOL! lol… ) is most of my life.  my work, news, friends, communication, entertainment… (not bank! i still hesitate on apps / online banking or payment) are all in this 5″1 screen cell.  It is super convenience to live with it.


i have an issue. i can’t stand with that little somewhat adorable colourful ball with a little number in it, called it the “Ball”! Whenever this ball appeared, it’s notified one that there is a number of unread news in the apps that need to be checked.  emails, g+, fb, tweet, ig, apps updates, news, msgs, etc.  These balls drives me crazy!


copy from google search

i feel the same when i turn on my laptop’s outlook, or twitter on Chrome, anywhere with a ( No. ) or bold number in it! its like someone keeps nagging that i have a series of unfinished business.


my Chrome browsers, keep (93) only for this post!!!! i keep looking at it every few mins…

i am not sure when do i started to feel irritated by that (it probably be way before there is fb / smartphone). all i know is i can’t help but to get rip of them! ALL OF THEM! i call it “Kill the Ball!”

whenever i have a new app / phone, i will try to turn off the notification as many as i can, coz i will check everything frequently anyway.  this is my ritual first thing in every morning (actually, whenever the ball appears) for those still shown. then i can move on to my daily work.

i found myself sitting in front of my computer for hours just to “mark as read” / “delete” the unread emails from my backup gmail account after a week-long business trip in China.

the itch also extend to my friends’ cells or others’ computer. i once saw my friend has 100,000+ in her email apps and some dozens of notification in her fb / other apps, i practically shouted at her “how could you let this happen!?” (like she has ruined my phone! sorry, dear!) she told me those are her backup emails + junk mails from all those subscriptions.  it’s been piled up ever since she has that email, doesn’t have time and doesn’t bother to deal with them. Now they are too many, so just let them be.  i found myself want to reach her phone and kill them all for good. of coz, she screen lock her phone and avoid any unfortunate happen.

i tried to ignore this itch for couple of days, found myself checking my phone in every couple of mins.  eventually, i gave in and hated myself more because i had to spend more time to kill them all!

i wouldn’t say it disturbed my life but feel unease without that.  is that still an obsession?!