How would you like to be remembered?

Life is a series of odd events chained up together, created other random odds, make you lives full of mysteries, miserables, surprises and joys. We don’t get to choose the event, it just happen.

You thought you were a healthy young person, you have cancer. When modern medicine and your surviving will power helped you to beat the odd, you got killed by accident. So much like Final Destination!

Cheesy but true.

All you can do is whatever happens to you, you learn to cope with it, make every event worth, make a good/unique image for others to hold on.

The unfortunate young man was a kind, warm big brother. He was someone you will go to for advice or help. Though, my memory of him is very limited, I choose to memorize him like this.

My friend told me, she dreamed of her late father and asked him why he never come to see her. He told her that he was traveling in Africa. Instead of whining, she smiled, because this is her father, a free spirit.

I dreamed of my father days before father’s day, he was wearing his suits but 2 sizes too big, hurrying to work, grumpy and tense. This was him, this is what I can remember of him.

How you would like to be remembered?


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