Another ghostish story…

Not a ghost story if you are looking for thrill of excitement. I am sorry.

Here it is…

Sobbing lady turned herself to a monk asking for answer, answer of why every of her relationships fell apart, or simply ended before anything started.

“Take a look at the mirror.” monk said calmly, gently, “what do you see?”

“A beach, with a naked body, all pale and lifeless.” She said.

Minutes passed, monk asked, “now, what do you see?”

“People passed by, some clearly had seen no body, some saw it went away with fear and swallow, and then couple of people stopped in front of the body, grieved. Longer than the others.”

“Anything more?”

“What is he doing?”

“What did you see?”

“A man stayed, grieved with his prayer, sorry for the unfortunate. And covered the body with his clothes.”


“He left. Shaking his head… ”

“Is that it? Anything else?”

She stared at the mirror, fascinated, waiting for somthing happen.

Minutes passed by, she started to feel anxious. “That’s it?! Nothing? She is all vulnerable, all alone, poor soul…”, she sobbed, try to turn her head way and caught a flash at the corner of her eye, a shadow, another man, grieving her soul.

She turned her focus back to the mirror.

He opened his arms, wrapped her tightly, embraced the body with his chanting, then he picked her to a proper ground.

“Is he going to bury her?”

“See…” monk said it firmly.

He dug her a grave, gently placed her in the centre, surrounded her with fresh flowers. Buried her and gave her a head stone with a name.

“You’re home”, the man said with warm smile on his face, “sleep tight”

The image faded, woman looks lost, ”
Why did you show me this?”

“It was you, your previous lives.” continue his calm.

“What? Lives?”

“You were one of those men. And you were once the poor dead body.”

She looked even more lost.

“You once igored the poor body, like you have ignored the poor guy who pursued you. Once you passed by the body, like a glance to the interesting souls passed by. The previous one, he gave you the short happiness and the warmth you yearn for. You thought he was the one, the one to end your miserables. Unfortunately, he left. Just like the man who gave you a cover but nothing more.”

She cried with all her strength, “I thought he is my last…” said repeatedly.

“No, child, your story doesn’t end here. Don’t let your tears clouded your sight. Open your eyes. Someone is coming. Just like there is a poor soul waiting and searching for you. You’ll find each other.”

“What if there is no next one? What if he is lost? What if the next is not the one? What if I am not his one? What if I had my chance? What if … ” she panic, more than ever.

“Woman, wake up from your endless mess!” he commanded.

She woke up from her lonely bed, walked to her mirror, lost in her tears…



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