What would you think about the Sandra Bullock and George Clooney? For me, love comedy… for better descript, chick-flicks!  But no, no, no, not this time.

Like every other big Hollywood movies, they have to deliver one or two meaningful things to say. Gravity, of cause, has touched a serious message “You’ve got to let go!” – let go those abandoned you, those dead, old life, old job… etc. Anyway, let go and let it be to make your life less miserable.   This is the second thing I don’t like in this movie.

What’s the third? 3D, I don’t know why, if you have to make a space movie, it must be in 3D! I have it enough! I like to have old school low-tech space movie with pure threat from the story and the atmosphere.  3D effect seems very unnecessary!

What to like, then? The well constructed space, where broad enough to feel insecure but peaceful enough for creating the hope.

The 2 actors, Bullock and Clooney with limited interaction and dialogues.  Fact, most of the time, their so called dialogue is the mumbling of nearly nervous break down Sandra Bullock on one side; and George Clooney’s narrating on the other.

The movie tended not to have too many explanations on why they were there, and how well they know each other.  So it looks like you walk into the middle of a polite yet meaningless conversation of 2 strange co-workers in the office pantry.  This kind of ear-dropping scene always catch my curiosity.

Despise the meaningless conversation, the threat always comes and goes right on time.  It caught your breath, your heart beats and the sense of time.  It made the 90 mins journey felt like 30.



3 thoughts on “Gravity

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